Thursday, 8 May 2008

Jewellery: Love2have

Rings seem to be the most popular type of men's jewellery. I suppose this is probably because by their nature they are normally quite plain and subdued (not that this is a necessity, but more showy rings seems to be left for the ladies). The only piece of jewellery that Steve wears, as he has said, is a plain silver band that I bought him once.


Hammered silver ring with gold inlay, £115

It was while I was searching for interesting men's rings that I came across Love2have. Pants name, but some really nice looking stuff. Forgive me if my choices are all variations on a theme, but hope you'll agree that it is a rather lovely theme.

While I think of it, a note for those who are ring averse and think that they'd be annoying to wear: I thought the exact same thing when I was given a ring for my 18th birthday, but by the time I'd worn it for a week it just felt wrong NOT to be wearing it... you get used to it surprisingly easily.

Bits I like:
- Black Rhodium Finish Stingray Ring, £115 (part of their goth collection apparently)

- Brick work ring, £140

- Wide slate silver ring, £89.50 (it's the little details that make the difference)

- Biker Tyre Tread Zirconium Ring, £150 (I think this falls into the awesome or awful category... maybe a bit expensive for something that, for me at least, is a bit of a gimmicky piece)


Nihaal said...

check it out you might just like it (its all about interiors)

Thomas said...

I think men don't wear rings for two reasons - one, the marrying kind wear one all the time, and two, it's hard to wear one without looking completely daft.

Anonymous said...

Just seen your post on love2have.. Agree with you, pants name but they have loads of great Jewellery.. Being the female that I am.. Loved the Diamond rings section :p

Anonymous said...

I would strongly suggest to everybody out there never to shop at Love2have - EVER! They delivered an empty box to the delivery address. Thankfully, the ring did eventually turn up 4 hours later at the invoice address - no apology or warning that they'd forgotten to put the ring in the first box they'd sent and no apology when I had e-mailed them worried about this(as they barely ever answer the promoted phone number.)They've also incorrectly sized a ring that they refuse to refund so this is now dragging out through Trading Standards. A complete pain in the butt and appalling customer service levels. I hope nobody else experiences this shocking service (or lack of it).

Anonymous said...

In response to the above comment we at Love2Have offer a very fair returns policy regarding the resizing of rings that have been bought from our website. Customers are offered ring sizers as part of the order process and should a customer fail to take up the offer Love2Have cannot take responsibilty for rings being ordered to the incorrect size. In reference to the case above this is excactly so. Due to the above being a rush order the ring was sent directly from the designer to avoid any delays and a box sent seperately.

Style Salvage Steve said...

John Lewis - Thanks for commenting! It's always great to hear both sides of any story. We at stylesalvage are impartial on this matter. I personally like your stock!


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