Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Old men dress cool

Following on quite nicely from yesterdays post which looked at the older man shopping on the high street is the notion that older men dress cool. Paul Flynn wrote an interesting article in the recent issue of 10 titled 'Old men dress cool', throughout the article Flynn litters it with exceedingly good examples of the older man dressing well, the first example used is David Lynch, then of course there is the chiseled Clooney and the less obvious choices of Alan Bennett, David Hockney and Ray Winstone.

Is Lynch a prime example of a maturing man growing old stylishly?
If men do indeed improve with age (and it seems most do) then it is their duty to dress in accordance with this most fortunate biological birthright and asset, but unfortunately most men don't bother. They reach a certain age and give up, or a phenomena which is quite common...feel so pleased with themselves at a certain point in their life that they try and keep that moment alive by never deviating from how they looked at that point in their life. They become stuck in the era that defines them (my favourite film critic Mark Kermode is one of the best illustrations that I can think off...Peter Stringfellow is a far worse (as in repulsive) example). These men are missing out though.

A masterclass of matching styles on the Sartorialist

There is little more appealing than a well dressed older man, just think of those occasions where you have seen a smiling Italian gentlemen dressed exquisitely on the Sartorialist, simply perfection. The older generations of European men have certainly known how to put the younger generations to shame.

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