Monday, 5 May 2008

Working Class Hero

One of the best known and much loved tailors Doug Hayward died recently and I found out whilst tucking into my Pepe's Breakfast Special (4 pieces of bread, three slices of bacon, two eggs, fries and beans), and reading the Guardian obituaries, I think this is pretty apt for the working class tailor.

Doug Hayward was one of the sartorial wizards to emerge in 1960s swinging London. From his tailoring premises at 95 Mount Street, Mayfair, he brought a new personality to the serious man's attire, instilling the traditional English style with a dash of Italian flair. Hayward's distinctive style was born from a working class childhood, watching his Dad transform from hardworking, week long grubby overalls metamorphosed on a Friday night into THE SUIT, which of course was perfectly pressed. Hayward advocated that a well cut suit can transform a man. He upheld the centuries old British tradition in which male style ascends, and transcends, classes.

His clients included included Michael Caine, Terence Stamp, Peter Sellers, Tony Bennett, John Gielgud, Rex Harrison and Michael Parkinson. When Roger Moore played James Bond, his suits were by Doug Hayward; as were Clint Eastwood's in many of his films. However, his clients weren't just celebrities, he also attracted City workers who wanted something different from Savile Row through his doors on Mount Street.

Hayward provided a model for Harry Pendel, the principal character in John Le Carré's Tailor Of Panama. In the book's acknowledgments, Le Carré writes: "Doug Hayward of Mount Street allowed me my first misty glimpse of Harry Pendel." (In the 2001 movie adaptation which starred Pierce Brosnan, Geoffrey Rush played the character).

I was a little sad over my fried breakfast after reading this news...


j said...

Why do tailors seem so different from designers? Tailors seem like bookish librarians and designers always seem so full of glitz and glamor. Or is this a totally wrong stereotype?

By the way, if you keep eating breakfasts like that you won't be too far behind him!

Flatbrokefab Ashleigh said...

You should do what i'd your yummy breakfast, enjoy it fully...then read the obituaries! Or not read them at all! Just eat your breakfast :oD ignorance is apparently bliss after all


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