Thursday, 29 May 2008

This one's for J

Ok, ok, so maybe Puma DO do some pretty nice trainers after all. I read about this new collaboration via the ever lovely Sneaker Freaker (I have to avoid reading too often as we already have a slightly ludicrous number of Adidas boxes in the flat housing half of my CD collection). Just to mix things up, it's a three way collaboration between Puma, trainer retailer Atmos and (here's where it gets weird) wildlife photographer Mitsuaki Iwago. Odd. Each is inspired by an endangered animal... seriously, I can't believe I'm writing this about a blinking trainer; this must be one of the oddest trainer collaborations and concepts that I've heard of in a while

They're, shall we say, variable in the style stakes. The one below, based on... well, a seal I guess, is my favourite. I love the blue base which is just see through enough to evoke the icy waters. I'm also a sucker for spots and dots of all kinds.

I quite like the penguin ones too, but can't quite work out what you'd wear them with to show them off. Short perhaps? The Ibis pair are pretty cool, but I suspect you wouldn't really be able to appreciate the delicate pattern when wearing them. Plus, I'm aware that some people just aren't that into pink. The Panda pair though? Meh. Just meh.


Anonymous said...

These trainers are you know where you can buy them in London?

Mat Ahoy said...

wow, these are seriously cool. im not usually into puma as i feel they always look too sporty without looking vintage but these are brill.

i think id say the seal ones are my favs, with the penguin ones coming a close second. i reckon if you wore really skinny drainpipes and turned them up a bit that could be enough to show them off.

j said...

Ha! I love it!


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