Sunday, 4 May 2008

Jewellery: Topman

Continuing the idea of men's jewellery, I thought that I'd look to the high street. Topman's pretty hit and miss when it comes to... well, everything I suppose, but jewellery in particular. Still, it's normally a pretty good place to pick up a cheap trinket or two to add interest to an outfit. The jewellery itself may not be an heirloom piece, but the price is normally right. I would normally wait for sales though, as stuff routinely is reduced to £1. The above necklace is currently selling for £8.

Other bits I like right now:

- Black sunglasses necklace, £10 (I'd probably wait for the sales for this one)
- Silver look sunglasses brooch, £6 (clearly sunglasses are in!)
- Wood/Silver look stripe ring, £8 (I suspect this looks nicer in person than in the pic)

I'm going to be looking at some slightly more expensive, but still relatively reasonable, pieces tomorrow.

Hey EJ, I'm so pleased that you have set forth and begun to explore the (slightly dangerous) territory of men's jewellery. I rarely find myself excited by menswear jewellery...I'm very boring when it come down to it, I like simple pieces...very much like the solid silver ring which you bought me for my 21st (I think, I'm terrible when it comes to time) which still adorns the middle finger of my right hand and is the only piece of jewellery I constantly wear. I like the idea of sunglasses and jewellery, I saw a cool necklace made from four Aviator looked damn cool and I would happily sport something similar. I'm old fashioned when it comes to men's jewellery but as always I'm interested by what you find and will listen (and ultimately follow, your suggestion). Keep up the good work partner...


Anonymous said...

Great design. Much beautiful. by Jewellery supplier

Anonymous said...

the sneaker necklace reminds me of a tatty devine piece.. but still like it!
Love the fact that men are finally embracing jewellery again.
have you checked out Kabiri? they have an amazing selection of men's jewellery - some available online too


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