Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Picture Postcard: Tintin (and Snowy of course)

Dear Steve,

Hola! (actually, I should say guten tag given the number of German visitors we're getting at the moment for reasons I can't quite discover- feel free to enlighten me dear readers!). Lovely to see you this weekend, as usual. I thought I'd mix things up today with an illustrated style icon.

I love Tintin... and not just because his hair is a bit like a hairstyle a friend of ours once had.

I love the block colours he wears (most reds and blues with accents of yellow), that brilliant coat and even those slightly bizarro trousers. I never really noticed just how weird those trousers were until I started collecting these pictures. I ADORE him in the bottom right hand picture- those shades red and blue look so good together, don't you think?

And Snowy! I don't like dogs, least of all accessory dogs, but who can resist Milou? (because I'm a bit pretentious I prefer the French version of his name).


Hey EJ!

Always a pleasure to have you down in the big smoke. I think I reclaimed some of my lost masculinity with my dominant bowling performance. I love the idea of exploring illustrated style icons, this is surely only the beginning but it is a great place to start. So many kids have grown up with the Tintin stories and he is most certainly a style icon. Those trousers surely inspired Thom Browne. What I loved most about Tintin's style was his knew what styles and colours suited him and he wasn't afraid of looking a little different.

Snowy was so much more than an accessory dog....

Much love


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Anonymous said...

I also prefer Milou parce que it sounds better. No need to sound sort of apologetic on this one, EJ!



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