Monday, 4 August 2008

I miss my beautiful friend

A little while ago Steve expressed his surprise that I hadn't written about Jeff Buckley sooner. I think part of the reason is because I'm such a fan that I worry that I'll just end up rambling... I'll try to restrain myself.

I think in a lot of pictures and videos that I've seen of him, Mr Buckley manages to capture a lot of my favourite looks all at once, and he has probably had more of an

Tousled, touchable hair? Check:

The perfect white shirt (in t shirt form, at least)? Check!

And copious amounts of plaid? (God, I forgot how brilliant some parts of the 90s were) Check!

I may just have to make Jeff my Autumn style inspiration.


lady coveted said...

i miss jeff buckley too.. he's been on my playlists for oh, i dunno, at least the last 6 or 7 years... i get new music, but i never tire of him.

Enkha X said...

It seems like yesterday that I saw him in his last Melbourne concert all those years ago ... I miss you Jeff xx

TheSundayBest said...

1994 - An 18 year-old Thomas walks into the record shop and comes across a CD called Grace in the sale bin. Not knowing anything about this Jeff Buckley he purchases it on a whim.

1997 - A now smitten Thomas watches the news report of Jeff drowning.

The good die young.

girl on the wing said...

Have you got a copy of Merri Cyr's 'A Wished for Song'? It's a beeeeeautiful book filled with hundreds of photographs of Jeff alongside various Jeff-related memories and anecdotes. I could get lost for hours in that book (and it's a good place for style inspiration, I'm guessing).


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