Saturday, 16 August 2008

Men Represent - Style Icons

We love discussing our style icons here at Style Salvage and would love to read about yours. As part of our Men Represent season we invite you, the readers and fellow bloggers, to post about your inspirations and how these influences might filter down to your everyday wear. There are some men that inspire many of us and there are others that might only inspire one of you in obvious or in subtle ways... we would like to hear about them all. Steve is going to start off proceedings with his style icons on Monday and then we pass the blog over to you. Just drop us an email of your thoughts and we will help out as much as we can.

Guidelines: This can be in any format you choose (you can be as creative as you want here, use any media you wish), however a basic entry would consist of:

1) Introducting your style icon - who, what, when...

2) Reasons for your choice

3) Supporting images

4) How the icon inspires your everyday dress with supporting images of yourself


Anonymous said...

wheres the email?

EJ said...

the email will go out tonight- it's been a hectic weekend!


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