Monday, 18 August 2008

PDG 4 life

Hey Steve, I think I've found what you're going to buy from the Comme Des Garcons for H&M range...

Question is: top, shorts or both? And would you wear them at the same time? By the way, is that a polo shirt layered over a regular t shirt? Because that would be just dandy.

Despite the nod to the all powerful PDG (if you were wondering it refers to the Polka Dot Gang - myself and EJ are founding members) I was disappointed with the collaboration. I just think it looks a little dull, uninspired and the worst sin of The look chosen is definitely my favourite for obvious reasons and in answer to your question I would like the polo/tshirt ensemble (the shorts are a little too much for me)....I'm not sure it's worth queuing up for though.

1 comment:

Matthew Spade said...

i can't wait for the collection to be released, i just hope it's all abit mad like this above. any word on an official release date yet?


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