Sunday, 17 August 2008

Men Represent - One week on

Above documents what I've been wearing this week. I wasn't able to experiment as much as I'd hope to but it gives an honest account of what I've been wearing lately. The last few weeks have been monopolised by flat hunting and other stressful tasks which have not allowed me to do everything I planned, but that's life! I've been away this weekend so not had a chance to look at your posts on w_r but we will put up a selection of our favourite outfits over the coming days. It was great to see so many of you taking part. How was it for you?


graham said...

The red jumper outfit and the stripy top with suit jacket are the best looking of the bunch and great outfits. I'm not sure about the trainers with high ankles/tongue - to me it just looks like you're following a fashion, but perhaps you are trying to be fashionable so it's ok. I prefer 'classic with style' look, hence why I like the above mentioned outfits.

Nice idea to show all of one weeks outfits.

waxy said...

nice! and oh, i like your bag you're carrying at the bottom pic! :)

Stylesalvage Steve said...

Graham - Those two are my favourite looks aswell! In terms of the hi tops, I just love hi tops!
Waxy - Thanks, the bag is from American Apparel.

TheSundayBest said...

Always loving your mosaics. Mosaics tell the whole story.

Anonymous said...

great post, i like the range of outfits. wanna link?


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