Monday, 11 August 2008

The time to represent is now

We declare Men Represent officially open! I've just uploaded my recent outfit shots on w_r and if you've not done so it now! I think as the week goes on I will push my looks further but I thouht I would start the week off pretty safely.

To inspire us all....

I just stumbled across the above video on Kanye's blog and think we could achieve something similar over the coming week...wrinkles will appear, hair will grow and then fall out, weight will be gained and lost...we want you to document it all and share it with us. Happy Posting everyone.
Update - Hard liquor, soft holes has mentioned the Sidney Lo video in the comments section. Watch it and be strangely mesmerised and inspired.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

sidney lo did this wearing the same raw jeans every day for a year:

-h of candid cool said...

this video is funny yet depressing


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