Friday, 20 March 2009

Picture Postcard: Waiting for that Spring in my step

Style which takes whatever Spring might throw at it...Jacket by Gucci, polo shirt by John Smedley, scarf by Sacai, trousers and deck shoes by Visvim, bag by Blue Blue at Hollywood Ranch Market.

Dearest EJ

I have spent an obscene amount on magazines this month days but it has all been worth it because it has these past few days laying on the sofa a lot more bearable. As I keep reminding you I've been struck down with the dreaded 'man flu' and despite a cocktail of drugs (co-codamol ftw) the only thing that works are my favourite magazines. It looks as though I will be sidelined for a little while longer as my recovery continues so as soon as I finish work I will pick up issue twenty two of Monocle. Selectism certainly caused some rumblings in my stomach with the above shot from the main fashion editorial and I cannot wait to sit down and feast on the rest of the issue. This shoot presents perfect Spring outfits with lightweight jackets, t-shirts, classic trainers, boat shoes, blazers and more and I'm more than a little inspired by the featured image. Next time I come to visit my attire will be very similar to have been warned.

Much love



Hola Steve-ola!

I'm loving this picture- all the stripes and checks shouldn't work together, but they do. I really like the trousers too, they're just the right side of chef trousers. I love the sky blue umbrella and jacket especially- not quite a pastel colour, but certainly one that you could do well to introduce to your wardrobe.

I've been a little lax with my magazine reading thus far, I think a trip to Magma is in order for tomorrow (after a day of learning even more about Manchester, that is!).



Barima said...

Oh, I, for one, can't wait to put together some proper spring looks. Maybe with that denim shirt when I get round to it

I like the overall presentation of that editorial shot, since I have reasonably similar items, but the trousers do push the boldness to a tense extreme. Look forward to seeing what you'll do with it, though

Best, B

Ca said...

The weather finally allowed me to sport a pair of suede loafers today. A sure sign of Spring!

Ca said...

And I forgot: get well soon, Steve!

And seriously, a "man" flu?! Haha, is that any different from a regular flu?


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