Sunday, 7 June 2009

LCF BA Catch up: Chain Male

I'm currently at GFW in Earls Court (expect a post on this later today)and in between shows and wandering through the exhibits I am catching up on things I missed earlier this week. I unfortunately had to miss LCF's BA show last Thursday but thanks to the wonders of the internet I have managed to catch up on the missed talent. Though the show was low on menswear, Asger Juel Larsen shone through with his take on modern chain mail. Asger opened with a chain mail top which must have weighed the model right down but it certainly made the audience take notice. His simple colour pallete of grey, black and silver came in many textures including sheer to faded metallic silver and shiny patent making this collection anything but boring. Larsen created a modern adaption of armour by producing 'futuristic' ideas of chain mail, using alternative materials such as leather, PVC and rubber cords and I'd love to find out more about how he accomplished these looks.

Cher de la cruz (left) and Asger Juel Larsen (centre and right) images taken from Fashion156's impressive Graduate coverage over on their daily blog.


LivesLostInBlack said...

Can't believe I missed out on the last Lanvin chain mail scarf from Browns online, but i had to choose between the scarf and being able to run my car and live for the next week...

josef said...

hey the left image is cher de la cruz. she is amazing to.

Giancinephile said...

The chain mail top has made me wanting for more. Another talent to watch out for most definitely!

As much as I was excited about the shows of the graduates, I seemingly am disappointed with the fact that there's just not enough menswear!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Tom vs Shark: You made the right decision, one day hopefully you can do both!
Josef: Thanks for spotting that! I've amended the images and will no doubt post on Cher de la Cruz later this week.
Giancinephile: I couldn't agree with you more. Menswear just gets overlooked during these shows. I will posting a few favourites from yesterday's shows later today.

John said...

Hey Steve you want me to put you in touch with them?


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