Friday, 12 June 2009

Picture Postcard: Sunshine Style

Sunny, stripy style
EJ and I were left applauding this masterclass in warm weather dressing as captured by The Sartorialist... In fact EJ suggested that I should just start dressing like him and that she was "trying to work out if i can persuade everyone I know to dress like him."

EJ has a point, everything works here. The outfit, the sunglasses, the haircut, even the dog all come together so well. I love the flash of colour from the mustard cardigan which provides a nice contrast from all of the navy and blue and co-ordinates perfectly with his leashed furry friend. It is rare that we see a street style moment which ticks so many boxes but this really does offer a great deal of inspiration for the warmer months. I have just noticed that the pose of the shot appears to show the dog waiting for his stylish owner to do his business on the pavement.

I think what I love most is the stripes. I am horrendously obsessed by stripes at the moment, still regretting the loss of a stripey top 3 years ago. The yellow is especially nice, and I'm always envious of people who can pull this shade off. Absolutely perfect hair. Not sure about the dog though. Can't stand the yappy buggers.


Michael said...

This look works exceptionally well (well, sans dog perhaps) - love the orange/mustard - not sure I have the colouring to carry that shade off though.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Michael: I say go for it. I tried on a jumper in a similar shade in COS recently and was surprised at how well it worked with navy.


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