Wednesday, 10 June 2009

GFW Catch Up: Mehmet Ali

I must admit that I didn't have too much spare time at work yesterday to catch up with the goings on at GFW but thanks to the Fashion156 team I didn't miss out on the talented bunch at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. I expected great things from the College who produced the Gold Award winner Jessica Au last year (this article might jog your memory) and the current crop did not disappoint. The menswear highlights were without doubt, Calum Harvey and Mehmet Ali but it is the latter who interest me most at the moment. This weekend I'll be escaping the London smog and will hopefully be leaving the grey, damp skies behind me to be welcomed by the tropical climate that is Margate and Ali's collection provides my ideal travel wardrobe. Mehmet Ali’s travelling gentleman came dressed in a soft ice cream palette with swirls of peach, cream and pink, The relaxed tailoring on offer by this graduate is just perfect warm (but not too warm) weather dressing....oh how I'd love to stroll down the promenade in something similar with a 99 in hand...

Update: Mehmet Ali was awarded the River Island Menswear Award, congratualtions to him!

1 comment:

Syed said...

Oh my, what beautiful colours for summer. That middle look seems perfect for the beach! I hope you have a lovely time in Margate :) Gah, I so need to head to the coast lol.


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