Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The wanted images...

We've seen a fair bit of graduate talent over the last couple of weeks but one recent grad from across the pond has left his (finger) mark in particular. As mentioned below Edward Lorenz was recently named Parson's Designer of the Year but there are very few quality images available online. A friend of Edward's saw our post and forwarded it to the twenty three year old Los Angeles native who duly dropped us an email to say thanks for the feature and included his thesis look book for us to salivate over. Don't you just love the power of the Internet!? The piece in Segue certainly whet my appetite and thankfully these images serve up something tasty indeed!

He was awarded his prize for a wonderfully executed collection inspired by the old world style etchings of Russian Soviet architects Alexander Brodsky and ILya Utkin. The collection beautifully mirrors the somewhat bleak environment depicted in the architects sketches. The colour palette is predominantly black, charcoal and navy with a highlight of deep plum but Edward's talent for tailoring is evident throughout.

A closer look at that finger printed t shirt depicting the craftsmans handiwork which grabbed my attention in the pages of Segue.

The shoes were created in conjunction with Cesar Paciotti and provide some of the standout pieces.
The plum chashmere pea coat is the stamndout piece of the collection for me, I want it, nay need it and I love the layered details.
I love the finger print detailing on both the cape (below) and trousers (above) because the effects are more subtle than that of the white t shirt but still creates a sense of texture which makes me want to touch them and follow the craftsman's trail.

If you are wondering what the designer is up to since winning his award we asked Edward what his plans were and he replied with:

"As of now, I'm looking for jobs in NY and London, but most likely I'll probably stay here in NY. After I get the corporate/experience stuff taken care of for a few years, I'm planning on starting my 5 years or so...that's my plan."

No doubt we will see alot more from this young talent but I am so pleased to have seen his graduate collection in full, God bless t'internet.


Ian Brown said...

Final photo = Capegasm. The footwear also looks interesting, I'd like to see some detail shots of those.

Michael said...

That plum peacoat is sensational.

I have always wished that more menswear designers and the upscale high-street retailers were more adventurous in their choice of coloured meltons for coats.

It is so depressing to see rack after rack of charcoal grey when the a/w collections come in.

Designer Clothing said...

Great post!!

Cat Tsang said...

Hi, thanks for mentioning my piece!
Cat Tsang

John said...

Love the handprints/fingerprints, extends the idea of each piece being unique

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