Monday, 1 June 2009

Dressing Right and Looking Good

The covers of Charles Hix's Dressing Right and Looking Good

I must admit that despite being a massive consumer of men's style and fashion magazines I do not own any dedicated books on the subject. I've been tempted to purchase the odd one after a recommendation but up until when I walk out of a bookstore I tend to have spent my money on a Photography book. I might just have stumbled across a couple of books by Richard Hix which are too intriguing to pass up and will hopefully soon be gracing my book shelf.

In 1978 a new kind of book was published which taught men how to be beautiful men. With the help of Bruce Weber's photography Richard Hix (a former grooming columnist for GQ and Playboy) spelled out the attractive rules for the modern man. Looking Good helped open the floodgates for what was to follow and what we now take for granted. Hix's work set the stage for the male body worship/insecurity axis that the entire advertising world has since turned on. The two hundred page book contains thoroughly professional sections on shaving, moisturizing, beard configurations...even genital odour...not to mention pages of wet and semi-naked black-and-white photos by Bruce Weber - Weber certainly knew how to capture a certain essence of masculinity.

A principle from Dressing Right...image courtesy of wecouldgrowuptogether

The first offering was an unprecedented smash, riding the best-seller lists and going into multiple printings. Its commercial success launched a small dynasty for Hix, who followed with Dressing Right (a commercial disappointment), Working Out (a blatant short-shorts parade and an even bigger hit than Looking Good), Male Model, and Man Alive! We Could Grow Up Together managed to pick up a copy of Hix's Dressing Right and fortunately posted these wonderfully inspiring images.

Another spread from Dressing Right...image courtesy of wecouldgrowuptogether

If you, like me, want to add some Charles Hix titles to your you can still find inexpensive copies over on Amazon and even on eBay (but please don't out bid me).


TheSundayBest said...

Only if you don't outbid me on Gentry magazines, which predate these books by two decades.

naboonies said...

They don't have it on eBay! You know any other sources to buy this book?

Paul Pincus said...

love charles hix.

you can find his titles on alibris and abebooks.

cheers, -paul

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

well, who knew! men definitely do need guidance, and it's nice to see a man who knows how to keep himself well-groomed and stylish!


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