Friday, 29 May 2009

Picture Postcard: Savage Grace

I must admit that I am struggling this morning after a work jolly where the drinks were flowing free but I'm excited because I've packed my bag and will be leaving for Manchester when the clock strikes five. In an ideal world though my day before I leave London would involve me lying on my sofa watching a film in my darkened living room instead of pretending to work in a hot, loud office. After reading the Mr Peacock interview with Style Salvage favourite, Kwannum Chu yesterday if I were at home, I would be watching the wonderfully stylish and weird Savage Grace. I talked about the film soon after watching it last summer but if you've not had a chance to see it for yourself it is well worth it for its style alone! The film is a tale of money and madness, incest and matricide and tells the saga of Brooks and Barbara Baekeland - heirs to the Bakelite plastics fortune - and their son Anthony, unfolding against a glamorous international background.

When asked who his style icons were, the always wonderfully turned out Kwannum responded with Sebastien Flyte from Brideshead Revisited and Anthony Baekland from Savage Grace. The character played by Eddie Redmayne is one of the most stylish men I have seen on the silver screen for as long as I can remember. Comparisons can certainly be drawn with The Talented Mr Ripley but I believe this film has more style substance. I will leave you with the best style related one liner I have ever heard which was uttered by Anthony whilst declaring his suit was Anderson & Sheppard..."One can walk in to Gieves but one has to be walked into Anderson & Sheppard."


Alex Fiddock said...

Looks amazing, going to rent it now!

Michael said...

A wonderfully stylish film. I think I prefer Ripley overall though despite it being a little staid in terms of technique.

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

omg i just watched it the othe day and i must say Hugh Dancy looked amazingly dashing and made me want to dress so chicly

Paul Pincus said...

love kwannum chu.

if you loved the film, you'll love the book more. savage grace by steven m. l. aronson is genius. anthony is more fully realized in the book.

terrific post.


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