Monday, 18 May 2009

Style Stalking... Daniel Jenkins (Part Two)

As we enjoyed last Thursday's sartorial stalking of Daniel Jenkins so much it really is about time we administered the second dose. Here we follow Dan as he meets up with one of his favourite design talents - Satyenkumar - in London, explores the Welsh countryside, works at his Monmouth store and he even finds time to take us on a night out.

Day Five: Visit to Satyen Patel to look at aw09 Satyenkumar.
Satyenkumar Aw08 t-shirt,
YMC Trousers,
Raf Simons X Fred Perry trainers.


Day Six: back in Wales
Stansfield Jacket,
Stansfield Shirt,
and-i T-shirt,
and-i Trousers


Day Seven: Hard at work back at the shop
Raf Simons X Fred Perry trousers,
Saviour T-shirt,
YMC Shoes


Day Seven: Shot from a night out.
Stansfield Jacket,
Peter Jensen reflective t-shirt,
YMC trousers,
Raf Simons X Fred Perry trainers (not visible... you'll have to trust us with this one)


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