Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Engineered Winter

For those of you who are a little worried that the blog has turned in to some kind of Royal style propaganda machine I thought I'd best serve up something a little different and what could be more different than some American work wear. I encountered look book images from Engineered Garments AW09 line over on h(y)r daily and as the sun has vanished this morning and been replaced by a damp, grey sky I didn't think it was too perverse to share them with you.

Unsurprisingly there is a fair bit of wool; herringbone and worsted, NYCO Ripstop, cotton flannel and brushed twill throughout the collection and it is the interplay and layering of these fabrics which excite me most. Here are a selection of my favourite looks where details taken from classic American spotswear, outdoor clothing and military uniforms are updated and combined to create something special.

The looks are styled precisely to my taste. I am not a huge follower of this classic American sportswear, the rebirth of which was a big surprise to many (me included) and even to Engineered Garments' very own Daiki Suzuki but his label (along with his Woolrich Woolen Mills) have continued to lead the way and managing to turn my head in the process. Daiki coveted American sportswear whilst growing up in Japan because to him, clothing which came out of the US was an interesting blend of design innovation and the latest in industrial manufacturing. Daiki makes clothes which are meant to survive with the wearer which are designed to become a second skin, to me this is worth celebrating.


Matthew Spade said...

ha i have just done a post on my blog about fall outfits and how SS always do a post on the colder seasons just as it seems it get warm again!

Quail said...

Followers of this style might like my Norfolk counterpart:


j said...

For stylish work clothes in the US, Carhart canvas jeans have had the cool cache for a long time. Now it seems the American preppy look is popular...boat shoes , club ties, polo shirts of many colors...the closest thing to American royalty clothes.


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