Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Style Stalking... we could grow up together (part two)

Following on from yesterday's sartorial stalking of we could grow up together's very own Kwannam Chu here is the second helping. Ordinarily we would wait another day before posting the second round of images but we heard your 'please sir can I have some more?' pleas and took pity on you. Thankfully, this serving is far tastier than a bowl full of gruel. The photographer and blogger undeniably knows how to throw on a great Spring look and mixes high street with designer and not least the odd find from his secret address book (which he has thankfully shared below).

The Sakura Look:
Yellow plaid shirt from Club Monaco
Shawl collar sweater from H&M

The Soho look
Tweed blazer from Freak's Store in Tokyo
Skinny cords pants from Zara
Vintage brown dress up shoes from the Brooklyn flea market called fleas and arts
Murse from Paul Smith

The Stoop Look
J. Crew striped shirt washed oxford
Zara shorts

The WTWA Look:
Duffle coat from Fidelity by Gerald & Stewart, from Tokyo
Where the Wild Things Are tee from Urban Outfitters
Topshop jeans
Failsworth cord hat

The Zara Look
Green blazer from Zara women's!
Green striped shirt Thomas Mason for J. Crew
Yellow belt Topman
Zara shorts

Kwannam's NYC Recommendations:

Book Store: St. Mark's!

Coffee: 9th Street Espresso. The Smile on Bond Street is quite charming too!

Antique Shops: Rubenstein Paula in Soho and the Upper Rust in East Village

Eats: Soba-Ya in East Village (best noodles), Bacaro in the Lower East Side, Mama's Food Shop in the Lower East Side and Babycakes for their everything! Love vegan cakes!

Shopping: Fort Greene Flea Market, flea and art market in Williamsburg. Antropologie! The J Crew Men's Liquor Store because they have XS, I can hardly buy things from the men's department here in the states! Freemans Sporting Club where I picked up this shirt. INA in Nolita.


Anonymous said...

Once again these looks are top notch. My, those are certainly short shorts though. I don't think I have the legs nor are brave enough to wear them.

Celia Loves... said...

Chu has such great style, if i was a guy i would definately dress like him. And such great photos too, i am really blown away by them! They could almost be blown up and framed! Great work here guys!

Ca said...

The green blazer is just lovely. Hah, short shorts for sure!

izzy said...

Aaah! I need that man-clutch.

I think the taboo-ness of short shorts are a cultural thing. They don't seem to be as out of the ordinary in Asia and Europe as they would be in the US. Kwannam wears them quite well though!

00o00 said...

i want to marry him!!!

-h said...

he has suuuuucccch good style


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