Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mapping Out

For the last few months we've been collecting together the recommendations of our interviewees of places to go to shop, eat, drink and generally enjoy yourself. We've now put these together on one handy map, along with details of who recommended it and a link to the place's website where possible. This is going to be very much a work in progress and we will be adding new shops and the like as we discover them or as they are recommended to us. Feel free to comment with anything you feel that we should add and we'll no doubt include your recommendations as well.

To explore the map in full click the image below!

Style Salvage Map


Izzy said...

great compilation of stores off the beaten track! wish I had this a couple of months ago.

Matthew Spade said...

what a great idea, think you have started something.

Lost said...

You are soo right about Vision Hairdressers, the BEST ever hair cut I have ever ever ever got was there :)


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