Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Style Stalking... we could grow up together (part one)

Our blog roll has constantly evolved as we stumble across new favourite reads and bid a fond farewell to a few defunct ones. Kwannam Chu's we could grow grow up together has been a constant fixture and long the way has provided us with a great deal of stylish food for thought and eye candy along the way. So who better to continue our Style Stalking feature than the lovely Kwannam Chu? Rather than sticking to a strict style diary Kwannam asked to submit a collection of his favourite Spring looks and of course we approved because well, we just could not wait for his submissions! Below is an introduction to his Spring style by the man himself along with the first four looks. The final four will be posted tomorrow along with his recommendations (the fruits of which will become apparent shortly.)

Spring in New York is the best, because you can see how the seasons change. Come rain come shine, warm and cold all at the the same time. To me, getting all deck up can be a bit stressful, so whatever is easiest to put on together works for me. I want everything to be effortless because I'm lazy. Nice shirts and short shorts are a must! A fitted shrunken tweed blazer is my security blanket...I feel so safe in it, oh, and green moccasins too! I am obsessed!

The Bow on Lapel look:
Black and white mini check shirt from a Hong Kong label Kitterick
Dinner jacket and clip on bowtie from Comme Ca du Mode from Tokyo


The Jack Spade Look:
Plaid shirt from GAP, Tokyo, they have a different collection there
Tweed blazer from Freak's Store in Tokyo
Jeans I bought here at Topshop, the baxter jeans
Clutch from Jack Spade of COS


The Marching Band Look:
Jacket from Zara, many seasons ago
Just some 2 dollar black T-Shirt
Jeans are from GAP in Tokyo

We hope you enjoyed the first batch of sartorial stalking as much as we did. As mentioned above the final four looks will follow shortly along with a selection of his address book recommendations!


Ian Brown said...

Kwannum is a total pro.

Anonymous said...

Great looks. Can't wait to see the second lot.

00o00 said...

i love the zara jacket!!!!!!
he has great style, love him :)

Matt said...

I've only just found your blog through the mention in 10. Love this chaps style. Great stuff, will read through the archive now.

Madeline said...

wow. such a stylish take on three totally different looks!


hogan said...

ah i love that blog! now i'm obsessed with green mocs too- so spring.

naboonies said...

he;s a cool guy with great style. he often leaves nice comments on my blog too. my favorite is that gray tweed and the mocs!

Ca said...

Yes! Mr. Chu, I like you!

But seriously, I greatly enjoy these Style Stalking entries here. Keep up the good work!

Harpal said...

Im likin this COS place, are they similar to Zara ive heard of them but dont know if they have a store in the UK, do they??


-h said...

im so jealous of that zara jacket in the last picture!!
im pretty surprised that his clothes are from zara, or topshop, or jcrew, he looks like a million bucks!

Matt Fox said...

We Could Grow Up Together is a daily must and Kwannam is a prince.

Paul Pincus said...

he's brilliant.


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