Thursday, 14 May 2009

Style Stalking...Daniel Jenkins (Part One)

The small Welsh town of Monmouth was not known to for providing great menswear but Daniel Jenkins has single-handedly put the town on the men's style map. As a store owner Dan has a clear vision on menswear and the designers he wants to sell which is why we chose him to continue our Style Stalking. Stocking great pieces from the likes of Lou Dalton, Satyenkumar, Siv Stodal, and i and Stansfield (to name just a few of our favourites) the store does not stock anything that Dan would not feel happy in himself but let's find out what he wears over the course of a week... here are the first four days:

Day One: Managing to control my dogs Hector (whippet) Inigo (Cocker spaniel puppy on left) Vesper (cocker spaniel puppy on right - I think they are identical though).
and i trousers
Raf Simons T-shirt (non vis)
Wellies (not sure... just generic ones from Millets)
Hair by the grace of god (and not yet booked hair cut).


Day Two: Out with the dogs again.
Siv Stodal hat
Stansfield Waxed Jacket
Griffin Tokyo x Baracuta colab (from first season they did them)
Lou Dalton t-shirt non vis
and i trousers


Day Three: Lunch with friends in Manchester/meeting in Liverpool (bench in Liverpool)
Siv Stodal hat,
Griffin Tokyo Baracuta. (Same as before)
and-i t-shirt
and-i Trousers


Day Four: Just realised I have a very finite uniform. I've not really included the slightly more mad pieces like Satyenkumar Harlequin jacket as didn't go out that week in evening.
Stansfield Zip Engineers Jacket
Stansfield Regular Shirt
Passarella Death Squad T-shirt
YMC Trousers
YMC Mock Croc boat shoes. Stops people at twenty paces.

We hope you enjoyed the first batch of sartorial stalking as much as we did. Keep an eye out for the final three looks along with a selection of his address book recommendations later on in the week!


John said...

Oh countryside... how I miss you

Mark said...

Very nice. It must be great being to pick an outfit out from his stock.

Celia Loves... said...

Love Style Stalking. And Love Dan's cool relaxed style...
BUT, I did just laugh out loud at my desk. Is Dan collapsed on that bench in the 3rd picture... hehehee!

Mouse said...

I thought that too Celia! I love that first shirt.

P.s. the spam verification word on this comment is 'gentstab' - disturbing subliminal messaging?

Robin said...

Nice to see some more casual clothes. Really loving all the blue, it's basically all I where.

Jacqui said...

"Hairstyle by grace of god", I have definitely been to that salon. Many times. Laughed out loud in recognition. Can not be the only one thinking 'Good grief the man is stylish AND funny'.


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