Monday, 11 May 2009

The tie type

After a weekend break at the Kentish sea side I've returned to the capital with throbbing wisdom teeth pain. My wisdom teeth have a habit of playing up so it might be time for them to be taken out (oh dear) so to take my mind off the pain and to share a little smile fodder on a Monday morning to one and all, here is Ed Nacional's Tie-pography (thanks to Swiss Miss for the heads up on this). Nacional's display typeface is constructed from his personal tie collection. A large amount of the collection was acquired from his dad, the rest bought at flea markets, thrift stores with a few brand new purchases sprinkled throughout (much like my own collection). I love projects like this and reading up on his tie-pography certainly helps take my mind off the pain of wisdom (until the co-codamal kicks in anyway)


Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

Even though I'm not into wearing ties but I must say this is so clever! I wonder if the font is available to be downloaded and used on every day documents?

Anonymous said...

I love having a job where I am expected to wear a tie on a daily basis :D

I'm sorry to hear your teeth are causing you grief :( As some one who has spent a lot of time under the drill recently I can sympathise with your pain.

Hope you feel better soon.


Uinku said...

I only wear ties when I wear a suit or underneath my v-neck. A mere shirt and tie combination would make me look like a schoolboy!

If you get your wisdom teeth pulled, don't forget to bring a bag of ice with you to prevent swelling, it really helps a lot!

Chris said...

I just got mine pulled, no pain afterwards, just nausea for a couple days

Ari said...

I never use to be that into Ties until recently! i eventually learned how to wear a tie properly and im loving it just now!The can add so much detail to the overall appearance!In some cases ties defione your overall look..


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