Thursday, 21 May 2009

Picture Postcard: Men at Sea

The Fashionisto scanned a selection of awe inspiring images from DVMAN International from the 'Young Men at Sea' editorial and it has been picked up by a few fellow bloggers (most notably Dapper Kid). Photographer Kalle Gustafsson and stylist Oscar Arrsjo certainly captured my imagination because the spread is so different to what I've been used to seeing in recent months. My eyes have been somewhat conditioned by gaunt teenagers in pretty clothes so this editorial came as a refreshing change, like being splashed in the face with salty water. We have touched upon the interplay with men's style and social constructs of masculinity and how fashion often challenges the hegemonic ideas but this editorial with its rugged, bearded models harks back to a different time.


Michael said...

Really like this shoot.

+1 on the tedious ubiquity of wan teenage models in mens fashion shoots. Desperately safe and unoriginal.

Matthew Spade said...

splash on some ols spice to boot

Marie Reed said...

He reminds me of the Gordon's Fisherman and makes me crave fish sticks!

Freya said...

really natural. Looks like a movie still.

Syed said...

I've become bored with the skinny young kids, and I did love how this editorial went back to a strong male identity. It's odd to think that the largest male model group is actually the over 30s, but you would not guess it from magazines these days! Plus I have been having some serious beard envy.


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