Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Finding Marwood

Marwood AW11. Image by Emilie Bailey

With each visit to b Store this regular shopper is left with a new discovery or idea to pursue. From the designers they stock to the people who shop there or those involved in the store in another way, it is clear that it is more a lifestyle than a store. Everything from the clothes hanging on the rails to the artwork displayed within it to the people which inhabit it, b is full of surprises. On my last visit, I was informed by an excited Matthew Murphy of a new British neckwear brand called Marwood. Soon after his enthused descriptions of the label's use of English lace on top of either silks or cottons to create beautiful ties and bow ties, in walked the lady behind the label, Becky French, armed with a vintage suitcase of samples. It was fate.

Launched for Autumn/Winter 2011, Marwood’s debut collection showcases an exquisitely crafted range of ties and bow ties made with the finest fabrics such as woven silk, wool and traditional English spun lace. Marwood believes in providing a product whilst drawing on and learning from established techniques and methods from the past in teams of craftsmanship and process. The label's neckties celebrate the traditions and techniques of a rich and distinguished heritage, yet still feel modern.

This photo is taken by Callum Toy who has been recording the majority of the behind the scenes of the factories and processes used by Marwood

Now, when we introduce a new label we tend to interview the creative mind behind it but in this instance, Becky French has made this  investigative blogger redundant. The reason being is that in 2009, French founded Marwood as a wonderfully insightful blog, an online sketchbook intended to collate the research that would inspire and drive the Marwood concept, attitude and ultimately, its first collection of neckties. It is an absolute joy to read and far more informative than my ramblings could ever be. The detail and evolving inspirations are there for all to read. Having studied Fashion Design at Kingston University, French moved to New York, where she worked as a menswear design assistant for Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label. On her return to London she joined Aquascutum as a womenswear designer, where she remained for four years before founding Marwood. Driven by her passion for pattern, colour, nostalgia and detail orientated design, Marwood has enabled French to develop close working relationships with some of the UK’s most skilled and experienced craftspeople.

Image shot by Emilie Bailey

One of the more intriguing facets of Marwood's sketchbook is the quest to manufacture a predominantly British-made product. This  desire has been a constant objective for Marwood, and whilst it is proving harder to find UK suppliers today, the ones that are out there are exceptional at what they do and it is absolute pleasure to read about her experiences. They represent the artisan skills that British manufacturing has always been known and appreciated for. Combined with a considered and thorough design process, working with these experienced factories helps to ensure that Marwood neckties are of a consistently high quality. The process is thorough, efficient and obviously well practiced.

Image shot by Emilie Bailey

Via her online sketchbook, French concedes that one of the highlights of starting Marwood has been the exploration of one product and delving in to the details of this accessory and learning about its components, its uses and its meanings. A tie might be commonplace object with commonplace connotations and it is certainly somewhat under appreciated in the modern world. What more, it is an object that can be visually achieved so quickly, easily and cheaply and cheaply, although those imitations won't have the lasting quality of a hand finished, English woven and made product with years of expertise behind it in the make. Marwood has become quite fond of this strange yet familiar object and will continue to explore the design subtleties and possibilities. The label's aim is to create innovative neckties, where each collection celebrates quality fabrics, interesting patterns and the best of British craftsmanship. Marwood's first collection has tried to cover a variety of needs and occasions by offering a range of fabrications including traditional Silk, Wool and English lace. The debut is undoubtedly hugely successful on all counts and I for one am excited to see the offering continue to grow.

Image by Emilie Bailey


alice said...

I'm absolutely marvelled by this english lace tie collection. So simple and so beautiful.

Fashion Philosopher said...

Me too, they look poetic. The bow tie will the must have for this season anyway. Have also a look at Edsor Kronen- a small company from Berlin. Established in 1909. They still produce their products in this small place in Berlin- Kreuzberg ever since. I blocked about it they do also beautiful bow ties and ties... more conservative but it is a really interesting company- the designer and especially the creative director Herr Jan- Hendrik M. Scheper- Stuke. A real dandy.He looks like a film star straight from Cabaret. You will love the company. But again the Marwood ones are beautiful, even more my taste. The Fashion Philosopher

J said...

Just lovely, thanks for posting! Any word on stockists?

Sean Santiago said...

SO PRETTY. Thank you for bringing this brand to my attention, I'm in love!~

Izzy said...

Exquisite. What a refreshing rendition of lace in menswear that isn't fierce-androgynous at all, but quite romantic in a masculine way. Great find.

Josue Julio said...

Very elegant. I definetly need a few of these tie's.

joy said...

It is a great chemistry of texture and 2-d imagination. I really like the crotchet bow ties.

Brandon said...

I find with more exquisite bow-ties, like these lace examples, they need to be of the pre-tied variety. It's just the delicate nature of the ties that requires this aspect I believe. Do you know if these are? I love how you have brought this designer up to us all and look we all want it! Good job Steve!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Alice: Well said!
J: No problem at all. You can currently order them via her website and I'll update you as and when physical stockists are confirmed along with bstore..
The S.S. Santiago: Ha, no problem at all. It is all about sharing the love.
Izzy: My thoughts exactly. I'm looking forward to experimenting with them myself.
Josue Julio: Me too!
Joy: I couldn;t have said it better myself.
Brandon: Yes, these are definitely the pre-tied variety. I think they are too delicate not to be.

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Justyna said...

Just stunning - glad we can see lace in Man's wardrobe :)


Miguel Paolo Celestial said...

This is marvelous!


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