Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Late Bloomer

When it comes to certain things in life I can be described as a late bloomer and there is nothing wrong with that, we all get there in the end. The first example of this that I can remember was puberty, then it was girls and now it is ebay. Back when everyone was doing it (or at least talking about doing it) I merely dabbled at the very most most and then even this evaporated into absolutely nothing over the past couple of years. I am however slowly becoming addicted to the virtues of ebay. Not only can I look for and in most instances find great bargains but I can also window shop and then ultimately find out how much people are prepared to pay for certain items

I am currently watching quite a few Dior Homme items including a scarf and hat (as winter is certainly has been sooo cold in the mornings), a pair of waxed jeans (see the previous post about Joy Division) and most excitedly for me because the item is ending is soon; a pair of quite rare and in excellent condition Pierre hardy hi tops in white and grey. I used to almost pity the people at Uni who were so excited by ebay but now I have seen the light, I'm currently experiencing the high of this great online auction site. It truly is entertaining, quick and (unless I go crazy) good for my bank balance. For me it isn't about buying everything that I can (but maybe that's the next stage of this addiction) I am enjoying the search and the voyeurism that it allows. I will keep you posted on my new addiction. Please intervene if required.

Given that I'm such a nerd, I'm surprisingly Ebay-phobic. I'm actually online clothes shopping phobic too, as I love seeing stuff in the cloth, trying it on at least twice and stroking it an inappropriate amount in the shop before buying... the best buys are ones you slowly fall in love with, think about for ages before buying and then wear to death (well, apart from the uber-bargains like my New Favourite Coat)... no?

What puts me off is not knowing that you're going to get it. When I want something, I want to know I'm getting it. Not to wait 3 days 7 hours only to be sniped- curses! Still, I have heard stories that tempt me... keep us posted on the purchases.

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heather said...

There is something just as perverse about shopping online. (vs. stroking garments in public) When I order things on line it’s the sadistic anticipation that gets me excited. It’s also part the daydreaming about how wonderful that new skirt, jacket, etc. is going to look. Making a mental note of every occasion it would be perfect for. And then, FINALLY!! the sweet blissful day when it arrives. At least that’s how I feel about online shopping.


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