Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Live Fight Night: Facehunter v Sartorialist

In the red corner, sockless and wearing navy trousers and olive green jacket with interesting neckwear, weighing in at 180 lbs, the undisputed champion of Street Style blogs...Scott 'the perfect amount of cuff on display' Schuman.

And in the blue corner, wearing a clash of check, the undefeated challenger...Yvan 'likes his eye candy' Rodic.

Verdict: The youthful Rodic wins, the lively check being too much for the autumnal but ultimately dull Schuman

As you can see I am a little overexcited about going to Paris. Apologies but can you blame me?
It was cool coming across some mutual love between two of the heavyweights of street style blogging! I came across Yvan (Facehunter) on sartorialists style.com blog and the compliment was soon reciprocated on Facehunter.

OK I must get back to washing and packing. What a crazy life I lead.

You SAW the SART?? Right, friendship terminated.

I think the facehunter wins here, but ultimately my heart belongs to Scott and his shots of grown-up style I can aspire to. Teenagers already make me feel bad enough about myself, without having to be told every other day that they're ten times more stylish (and, apparently, richer) than me.


j said...

Why does this seem funny to me?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Bonjour from Paris. I'm pleased you saw the funny side J. What is your verdict on the shots?

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

you do have a sense of humor here:)

j said...

Well Sart is a fashion photographer and as you say Facehunter is an "eye candy" photographer. The crosshatched Facehunter is very much in Sart's province and it's a nice photo. On the other hand Facehunter is out of his element with Sart.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I agree with you J. Both take their place in my daily perusal of the net. Paris is made for the Sart. In fact I saw him close to Colette. I was surrpised by his height, he has quite a small stature and in my mind he was tall! Unfotunately he didn't run after me and take my picture. My personal style is limited when compared to the folk in Paris during Fashion Week! It is certainly a fest for the eyes and there is much more than just candy on offer here.


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