Thursday, 25 October 2007

Rant Alert: Menswear Designer of the Year

Can Carri Munden be one of the finalists for Menswear Designer of the Year? Can a brand that has been described as Cartoon Couture be taken seriously? I read this on FUK and I just hoped my eyes were playing tricks on me so I closed down computer went out to work and then came back only to read the very same thing! I've never really taken this designer seriously myself, gaudy colours and patterns; nothing else, this is a fad at best. A fashion that accompanied the rise of Nu-Rave (I can't believe I even wrote that because the music scene doesn't even exist...I even like a lot of it!). I can see how for some London natives who crave neon colors, cartoon imagery, and outlandish graphics whilst listening to dance and electro (which I do myself but see no reason in having to wear such things!) this is an attractive label but outside of this novelty world, no.

"Cassette Playa has a great approach to colour which I really respect and Carri's clothes really form and reflect that air of excitement flooding through London's young creative scene" - Nicola Formichetti (Executive Menswear Editor, Dazed & Confused and Another Man)....I concede that it could be seen (as Formichetti does) as refreshing in some way; an exciting, innovative approach to Menswear (which can be a tad on the safe side) but it's not for me and its not for most men. What do you think?

Regardless it should certainly not be considered for Designer of the Year accolades and sit alongside the likes of Bailey and McQueen. If you are not aware of the label just click onto the website and you will instantly see how annoying it all is! I just hope Bailey wins. Surely he HAS to and Cassette Playa can have the continued support of Sega stalwarts.



I was always more of a Nintendo kind of girl.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone out there shares my sentiments on C.Playa!

Great blog, linking to you now...

j said...

The question comes up more in woman's fashion, but it can but asked fashion design about art or style? If it is about art then cartoon couture can be considered, if about style I think it is a long shot for this award.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thanks dustcakeboy! I personally think CP is overrated at what it does. I've seen it done better eslewhere. The designs of Bernhard Willhelm are so much better. It is an interesting question and it is good to see it asked within men's fashion. For me good fashion design should be about both art and style, like one of my current favourites Aitor Throup!

Anonymous said...

A.Throup is definitely one to watch!

The SS08 installation was superb or so I heard, and those inky black structured jackets! Apparently you can buy the instruments too, which are that's original.


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