Friday, 12 October 2007

New Dandyism

I visited the Surface 2 Air store in Paris and liked what I saw but I wanted to see more of it. The power of the internet led me to New Dandyism. Alongside a few surface2air pieces this online store had a great array of brands, including YMC, Wood Wood and Maharishi. According to this site 'A dandy can be defined as '(a) man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners; a fop.' Extending the idea of a dandy to the 'modern' world they advocate that men have a fresh appreciation for fashion and design. Caring more about how they look than they have for decades or even centuries. I'm not sure I agree with this notion myself but I guess the boom in male grooming products and retail as a whole must demonstrate something. Looking at modern society with a keener eye than most New Dandyism suggest that '(take) a closer look and you will find that today's street fashion is taking a modern approach to classic forms and silhouettes. Not just by re-interpreting classic pieces by applying modern materials, colors, and patterns, but also by adding details to increase usability and comfort.' I like this idea very much and it hit strikes a chord with the values of Stylesalvage. To celebrate this here are a couple of examples of the pieces on offer at the store:

YMC shirt. You should know that I like this brand.

Merlin T by Wood Wood (I love their stores ever since they were shown in Nylon Guys!)

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