Monday, 27 October 2008

Chase is the VMAN but Testino Takes Over

The latest cover VMAN features Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, shot by Mario Testino

The latest issue of VMAN (which is the first ever winter issue!) is now available. As yet I've not managed to pick it up myself but I just had to remark on the cover. The cover boy is Chace Crawford, who if you don't know stars in one of my (many) guilty pleasures TV shows (I really should get out more and more importantly not admit to these things), Gossip Girl wearing D&G plaid. I have to admit though that when I first saw the cover I asked myself 'Why is Zac Efron' on the cover of VMAN...'Is VMAN turning into TeenVogue' (another guilty pleasure). I'm not 100% sold on the styling but I've certainly had enough of Efron for one lifetime.

For the magazine's first Winter Issue Mario Testino is guest editor. Within the issue he explores the extremes of masculinity. Testino explains “masculinity has come to be determined less by a man’s exterior than by his kindness, his fairness, his taste, his behavior. Now, you can look like one thing and be completely the opposite. I’m quite fascinated by this, so I decided to do a study of the extremes of masculine identity today.” Testino photographed thirteen extreme male archetypes, including Extreme Sun (the beach bum), Extreme ink (tattooed men), and Extreme Macho (bearded men), the other ten are a mystery until I get my hands on the issue. Have anyone read it? Should I hit the streets in search of it?

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Anonymous said...

ah cyberspace... who needs to got to confession when you've got the internet? ;) im addicted to gossip girl as well. i cannot get enough of serena's shiny shiny hair, jenny's descent into the teenager from hell, and chuck & blair's strangely arousing psycho-sexual (is that even a word?) games.

testino's proposition is quite interesting, particularly since ive recently been on a 'golden age of hollywood' binge, watching the movies of some of the ultimate expressions of masculinity, cary grant, frank sinatra, gregory peck et al. for these men their expression of their masculinity
through their clothing was the key to their entire personas so to now say that the expression of one's masculinity through clothing is now irrelevant is quite interesting.

hmm sorry for the rambling, got a bit carried away... but to answer your original question, yes, you should buy V Man and then procede to scan Testino's editorials so that i can see them!

ps. i noticed one of the tags on this post was 'journalism'. are you a journalist in 'real life' steve? dont mean to pry, its just that i remember back to the days that you were featured as susie's colleague back in her old (advertising?) job so was wondering if you'd also undergone a dramatic career change like susie.


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