Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mix and Match this Winter with Ethosens

When there is a chill in the air which forces you to jump out of bed and into a warm shower as quickly as possible it is THE time to have some fun whilst dressing in the morning. Mensrag constantly beat me to posting about new collections but the Ethosens autumn/winter collection is so good I just don't care. As featured on Mensrag last week Tokyo based fashion label Ethosens have showcased their second autumn/winter collection which for me has the perfect combination to facilitate great winter style - a flurry of patterns, cuts and colors. Founded by Yui Hashimoto in 2007, the brand has received a warm welcome in the industry coming off a successful spring/summer 2008 showing in Paris.

According to Kanye the jacket on the right is reeetarded which according to the sland dictionary means good...

Yes, some of the looks are rather flamboyant but as the sky fades to grey, there is nothing wrong with a dash of flamboyance. The collection’s technical features contribute to a unique pairing of patterns and textiles such as their removable pant leg feature which as well being practical adds excitement and intrigue into the looks.

What I love most about this collection is that each garment’s unique look allows for unlimited mix-matching and outfit pairings. The jacket with the removable bottom section (above right) is on my Christmas list (Santa I know you are reading this because you are such a huge fan of the blog).


Anonymous said...

I like the blue/grey long jacket

Style Salvage Steve said...

That's the beauty of it Ben. The jacket can be both short and long, all blue or blue and is a jacket of opportunity.

Ian Brown said...

Confession: I'm a recovering cardigan addict. My friend's were referring to me as King Cardigan for a while. At one point I had about ten of them. Now I have whittled my armory down to three pieces, but that blue sweater is very tempting.

Anonymous said...

love the multi-trousers. let's just pretend the sight of them didn't cause me to run to my wardrobe and try to match up shorts and trousers in the vain hope of achieving a similar effect. the off-kilter knits are also sweet.

Style Salvage Steve said...

ian brown - Cardigans are so versatile. There is nothing wrong with them and can you own too many? I don't think so. I love both the texture and colour of the one featured here.
roscoe - That is actually what I wanted you to do. Alas I just don't own any shorts other than one worn out pair of Nike's which are/were my football shorts.


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