Friday, 17 October 2008

Picture Postcard: Weekend Inspiration

Dearest EJ

We have made it to the weekend!

Friday's picture postcard comes to you courtesy of Hel Looks and is of a chap named Artturi. On the outfit he remarks "I was browsing The Sartorialist today and got inspired. All my clothes are second hand except the trousers. I like to wear dress shirts and knits. Gypsy men have a great style. Personality is always stylish, too." Susie is off vintage shopping in West London tomorrow and I am hell bent on purchasing at least one item of good quality second hand clothing. My experiences of vintage stores thus far have been fine but I've only ever walked away with accessories (woolen ties mostly), now I want something more. If Artturi can dress head to toe in second hand fare then surely I can find something more than a woolen tie. I will keep you posted!

I will shout at you on the laptop (via Skype) on Sunday no doubt



Giancinephile said...

Enjoy vintage shopping. May lots of finds come your way! haha

Style Salvage Steve said...

Thanks gian! I will keep you posted! I love the idea of vintage finds but just haven't been that lucky to date, this weekend will change all that.
PS - Can I read your blog?

Elizabeth said...

This is a very sharp look. I'm sure similar is easily achievable secondhand.

Jonas Fred said...

Have a great time vintage shopping. Keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

he caught my eye too! what a cutie.

Matthew Spade said...

haha i know what you mean about the woolen ties, mine also consists on leather ties and belts. my only good vintage piece is my denim jacket. i did get an old vinatge adidas holdall when i was younger tho.

i look forward to hear how you got on

Ian Brown said...

I love vintage shopping. I used to manage a store in Brooklyn. Sometimes you walk into a store and its filled with everything you have always wanted, other times you're lucky to find a single silk scarf with an interesting print, but its almost always fun to hunt.

Anonymous said...

great post,have a good time shopping :D


Ca said...

It's all about luck and keeping a sharp eye for the special pieces. I hope you had a sucessful hunt!


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