Thursday, 3 December 2009

Carolyn Massey Loves Tokyo (Part One)

Japan and, in particular, Tokyo has been on our ever expanding list of 'places we have to visit' for some time now. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do so has never quite presented itself... withl lack of funds being the most prevalent factor. So, when we had an email from Carolyn Massey informing us that she had been invited to Japan to showcase her designs at the British Embassy we asked if we could live vicariously through her. Of course the ever lovely designer agreed to keep a picture diary for us. Over the course of the next couple of days we will relive Carolyn's Tokyo experiences. By the looks of it she had a lot of fun with jewellery designer Hannah Martin and Lodger's Nathan Brown. We follow Carolyn's busy few days in Tokyo as she experiences all the delights the city has to offer whilst cramming in interviews, attending press days and of course showcasing her SS10 collection at the Embassy. Here is the first installment of Massey Loves Tokyo!


Settling in and early exploration of the city...

"Day one and fresh off the eleven hour flight, Hannah and I met up with her friend Tomoko to head to the Onsen. Bathing is so much more part of the culture in Japan, and the Onsens are amazing. We went to Spa La Qua, which I'd really recommend. It happened to be attached to a shopping centre with a rollercoaster. Death screams whist in the hot tub. No photos here - for obvious reasons...Starving, we had a long debate about plastic food. Blonde girl here thought each restaurant had their own plates plasticised... but oh no, apparently there's a shops you can go to buy these... er..."

"It is interesting how cities are different colours, you cant really see it in the above shot. Tokyo is really blue and grey. It seems a completely different colour to London to me. Later we are dazzled by the amazing Christmas lights over Tokyo Dome..."

Festive spectacle.

"Coffee as jet lag sets in in the swanky hotel garden. Amazingly we stumble upon a wedding in the grounds, with people wearing traditional kimono..."

The wedding in the hotel grounds. What a scene!

"We then stumbled a store which could quite possibly be Michael Jackson's favourite shop..."


A long day at the Embassy...

"It was a long one and hard work, there seems to be so much going on this week... Here is the lovely Miss Hannah Martin at her stand and her amazing jewels. Please note I'd like the cuff thanks... oh, and that ring."

Hannah Martin and her jewels.

"Dinner and on to Gonpachi, more famous for being used as a location for Kill Bill. Shoes off! And who's a size 14? Nathan from Lodger. I bet Nathan he couldn't eat a lump of Wasabi (the sake had set in by this point). This is Nathan after necking the wasabi. No problem, clearly."

"Back home, here I am watching Hello Kitty TV. The news is Hello Kitty speaks and she has a boyfriend! What a lush!"

Hello Kitty Aerobics... yes, I did have a go!


Tomorrow's diary will reveal the designers new found love for deep fried pork sandwiches along with some exciting news for SS10!

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