Monday, 14 December 2009

On the... oh no, we missed another couple... day of Christmas

First off we have to apologise for missing out a few days on our advent calendar but if you are anything like Steve this is to be expected with an advent calendar. While EJ never fails to peel pack each door and eat the treat inside Steve is always forgetting about it but takes great delight in consuming a few days worth of chocolate segments in one sitting. Now, as we missed a few days over the weekend, we have some tasty treats for you, all from the ever wonderful Oi Polloi. It just so happens that we were united in Manchester this weekend to celebrate Dick Van Dyke day (and the birthdays of our respective partners) and whenever we are together in Manchester, we always make the pilgrimage to this well stocked store. Since it opened its doors in 2002 with a vision of putting together the ultimate selection of classic, functional outerwear it has done just that by offering innovative, contemporary labels and a serious arsenal of casual footwear. Here are three of our favourite finds....

First up, we discovered this Canadian Sweater Company's hand knit crew neck jumper with a snowflake style design. With heavy ribbed collar, cuff and hem this super heavy weight (we could just about lift it up off the shelf), these need to be seen to be believed. Once purchased there can be little doubt that this will last a very long time whilst keeping you nice and cosy.

Our second pick is a beautiful Beetham jacket from Nigel Cabourn. The jacket is one of the highlight pieces from Cabourn's British Mountain Forces Collection and, as is to be expected with this designer, the detail in this jacket is phenomenal. There are certainly no corners cut here. It is made in England and uses British fabrics produced by the same mills that have been manufacturing materials for the British military over the last sixty five years.

Our third and final pick for today is a reverse stitch chunky cardigan jacket by Folk which comes in an eye catching multicolour square pattern. Having run our mitts (no, really) over this at the weekend we can testify that it is warmer and heavier than most coats. The chaps at Oi Polloi only have one in stock so if you want it, you will have to be quick!

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John Malvin said...

I love that chunky cardigan. It's an old idea with a modern twist. I'm going to go hunt for look-a-likes now.


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