Tuesday, 8 December 2009

On the eighth day of Christmas

We can't quite work out whether today's pick for Christmas is ridiculous or sublime but it is certainly very special. As mentioned before boots can be something of a sartorial testosterone shot to any outfit but we all know they can be right buggers to get on and remove. Therefore, this Hinged Rosewood Brass Bootjack available from Liberty could certainly come in handy during the New Year chill. It's also pretty damn beautiful.

It comes from the famous London gunmaker Purdey, a company whose name is synonymous with the very finest sporting shotguns, rifles and now bootjacks. All we need now is someone to show us how it works...


leonrad said...

To use the boot jack you place it on the ground with the brass clasps on the side pointing down to give the v shaped end a slight elevation. You then slide the heel of your boot into the v, stand on the part behind with your other boot and lift your foot out of the boot. Then switch feet, repeat, and you shall be bootless.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Leonrad: Thanks so much for your tutorial. We really had no idea but now we'd love to give it a try.


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