Sunday, 19 September 2010

Showroom Next Door SS11: Casely-Hayford

Casely-Hayford SS11 at the Showroom Next Door.

Back in February my LFW began with a trip to 16 Hanover Square for the Showroom Next Door and I could think of no better way to welcome the new season than to return once again to the well curated space. The Touba Distribution run showroom once again affords the opportunity to inspect and fantasise over a few of my favourite brands while introducing me to a few new ones. The space became my dream walk-in wardrobe the moment I stepped through the doors. More than that though, it was a space that exemplified everything that I find exciting about menswear design in London; namely it's diversity and constant sense of sartorial evolution and revolution. This season is is no different. In fact, I'm pleased to say that it has managed to improve and my length of excited stay surpassed the three hour mark. The larger showroom space welcomes Hannah Martin, Armando Cabral, Cherry Brown, BUNNEY and Tigersushi Furs amongst others. The expanded Showroom Next Door is an interesting and vibrant place where fashion, art and craftsmanship can be appreciated side by side. These are exciting times for menswear and I'm so pleased that there are platforms like the Showroom Next Door that help to showcase the obvious and abundant talent that calls the capital its home. Once again, I had meant to only post once on the showroom but as I spent so much time with each of the brands I think it only proper to showcase each of the brands in more detail. So over the course of the next few days expect to see sneak peeks of the SS11 collections of Mr. Hare and H by Harris not to mention the introduction to a few new names, but first, let's look at Casely-Hayford.

The Light Through the Darkness

Casely-Hayford's fifth collection consolidates their now signature style of relaxed masculine proportions, fused with an injection of London's cocktail of youth culture. The label has explored the intriguing duality of English sartorialism and British anarchy since its inception and now shapes a unique aesthetic that sees the emergence of thee 'Sartorial Nomad'. The father and son design duo have undoubtedly built on the successes demonstrated in their first four offerings with a saliva inducing collection for SS11. Casely-Hayford turns to the purity and tranquil energy of the Bedouin nomad to seek out something real. There is a definite sense that The Light Through the Darkness communicates ideas of a rebirth for the new decade. A celebration of the real and minimal over the excess so prevalent during the last decade. Fabrics are natural, colours earthy and the silhouette voluminous, varied but always minimal. The colour paeltte with hues of bone, sand, stone, red earth, nidnight blue and storm grey is reminiscent of the tranquility and simultaneous morbid tone of Georgie O'Keefe's watercolours.

I will of course share the look book images with you later in the year but I hope my close up images help to portray the discordant synergy brought to the forefront of the collection as exquisite tailoring is mixed with nomadic staples. Here, Casely-Hayford revisit the the idea of the transcultural nomad, whose identity is an amalgamation of the many countries and influences that surround him. The cut is unrestrictive and loose yet it still manages to remain masculine and athletic. Four seasons in and certainly not for want of trying or obsessing, I'm yet to add an item of Casely-Hayford to my wardrobe, SS11 will be the season my closet gets a munch needed injection from the duo. The Light Through the Darkness is the visual language of a new beginning and a new generation. I certainly hope to be, nay will be a part of it come Spring.


Matthew Spade said...

the close up shots look immense, i would like all of those pieces. that can be arranged right?

Brandon Bond said...

Love these details shots!

J said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat: I'll see what I can do! I'm trying to get my hands on a piece or two.
Brandon Bond: Thanks!
J: Agreed.

Anonymous said...

The best design duo in the country, nay the world!


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