Friday, 30 December 2011

Cashing in this Christmas

Since our first shared Tokyo experience back in May, Susie has popped back over too many times to mention. For the most part, I've looked on with green eyes and jealous heart as she rattles off tales of discovery but when she recently returned I was treated to an early Christmas present that kept me warm this festive season whilst putting a smile on my face and introducing me to my new favourite label, Cash Ca.

Whilst designing and consulting for the likes of John Smedley and Margaret Howell, knitwear specialist Craig Alexander started Cash Ca in 1999. Over the last twelve years, the label's refined cashmere and high quality merino knitwear collection has made a significant impact on the British market. However, for us atleast, the story took an interesting turn following a chance meeting between Alexander and influential Japanese streetwear designer Kazuki Kurashi in 2009 who was soon asked to direct the men's collection. Kurashi's clean aesthetic inspired a new phase of the label. The design marriage of Alexander and Kurashi is all about simple perfection and minimal embellishment but also lovely subtle, hidden detailing. This union caught Susie's eye in Shibuya's Garden, Located moments from where we first stayed and just opposite the Ragtag that bled my bank account dry, menswear store Garden escaped our shared attention. However, on Susie's most recent jaunt she waltzed inside and soon encountered my (current) dream wardrobe. Alongside Facetasm and Eo To To, she found herself grasping at the rails of Cash Ca and feeling the urge to splurge. The heady mix of details and the favoured mix of seasonal fabrics of wool, cotton and leather in the Donkey Stadium jacket meant that it was love at first sight for her and for me (oh she knows me so well!)...

Cash Ca Donkey Stadium Jacket worn with two of my own Japanese buys (a green shirt by Comme des Garcons Homme and fair isle print jumper by Discovered) trousers by Wooyoungmi and hi tops by Lanvin.

Now, thanks to a recent expansion of stockists and a fair bit of blog coverage, a few of you will be familiar with the label already but despite its English roots, the moment I unwrapped my Christmas present was the first time I really took notice of the knitwear brand. I'm now hooked and am far from the only one. In the three years since its launch, the Cash Ca men’s collection has become well established in Japan, now selling into sixty of the most directional retailers and departments stores across the country. The collection is now becoming established in Hong Kong and China with a plan to open a flagship shop in Hong Kong in 2012 and I've only just learned that London's very own The Hideout has the UK exclusive. Having been spoilt rotten this Christmas I'm now hooked on the label...I might just have to treat myself to more Cash Ca in the seasons ahead...


George G said...

Cash Ca has been tempting me for two years now, although I've been defaulting to Facetasm instead (yes, a stretch, I know, but much more my style). Your prezzie, however, is a particularly fetching iteration of their oeuvre. Yay you!

George G said...

By the by, how's the sizing? That's another thing that's prevented me from pulling the trigger on Cash Ca pieces I'd been besotted with: the measurements presented seemed particularly large for the Japanese market, where I am a size 2. What size is your jacket versus your normal European sizing?

Style Salvage Steve said...

George G: Thanks, I do Facetasm as well. Japanese sizing is always a bit of guess work and fortunately for me, Susie guessed right with a large. I'm normally a medium (either 48 or 50) but the jacket is a large and fits perfectly.

Matthew Spade said...

happy new year SS guys. Hopefully 2012 will be a wicked one for you both


Amazing Jacket, i totally love it !!!
Now i must win very very very much money to buy it...Universe! Bring me that please :D
Anyway, thanks for sharing, your website is really nice.
Love from France


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