Tuesday, 22 January 2008


So there I was, casually flicking through the A/W (I am NOT American, so it's not fall to me) catwalk pictures looking, as ever, for approximations of The Suit, along the way marvelling at how Jean Paul Gaultier could make me reconsider the bowler hat, sniggering slightly at ze tres French styleeengs of Emanuel Ungaro's models and being extremely underwhelmed by Paul Smith... anyway, back to The Suit.

Ann Demeulemeester was coming close:

Well ish... this does look a bit like a duvet cover I own.

This is a bit more like it. A bit too frilly though and where's the trousers, Ann? She clearly isn't taking this seriously.

How about Yves Saint Laurent then?

Ooh, nice. Not right, but lovely all the same. I don't like the length of the jacket, but otherwise this is pretty much top.

And then it happened. Out of nowhere this one hit me.

DreamOh my. Jesus, the colour is magnificent and those trousers are just perfect. And velvet?! How do they know my weakness??

I'm sorry The Suit, Gucci Suit and I are in love. Please forgive me.

All pictures courtesy of men.style.com


Style Salvage Steve said...

You picked well EJ! I actually quite liked many aspects of the Gucci show which is a surprise to me. The suit does make you want to reach out and touch it...well you might want to do more to it than that...but I won't go there!

Thomas said...

I also have fallen prey to it...it haunts my dreams and taunts my wallet.

j said...

I have a pair of black velvet pants which I really like, but because they are just pants I can tone them down with something not velvet on top. All velvet is a lot of velvet.

EJ said...

keep your mitts off thom, don't make me fight you! :)

all velvet IS a lot of velvet, but not necessarily too much...

Anonymous said...

Ann D did it for me...

...oh god. Have I just created another mediocre HoH-esque slogan?


Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thomas said...

Let's try that again:

Oh, the fight is on! And I'm bringing it to your house!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Wow, I let my attentions stray away from the blog for a couple of days and there are fisty cuffs! It should be a good fight. Watch out Thomas EJ fights dirty!


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