Sunday, 13 January 2008

Milan Shows - Bailey's matchstick men are my Ibruprofen

Bailey paints a better autumn scene than Lowry

I must admit that I'm not at my best today. The head is hurting and my body aches after just returning from a night out. As I try and ignore the phantom smell of Sambucca in the air the show pictures on are certainly helping. As it is Sunday (my day of culture...unless I'm hungover like today) and is in tune with the Burberry Prorsum show I thought I would show some artwork but EJ is not a fan of the artist, Lowry. Bailey claimed the artist's color palette—dark, muddied shades from nature—as well as his sturdy insularity, mirrored in clothes that had the low-key eccentricity of lives lived in places way off the beaten track. Bailey's creations like the work of Lowry are far removed from the city of London.

'The Fever Van' is one of the many views of Salford painted by Lowry. It is, however, a distinctive work. While most of his paintings of the urban scene are predominantly atmospheric, here there is a story at the heart of the picture. An ambulance has drawn up outside a house to collect a fever patient.

The men in Lowry's paintings were dubbed "matchstick men," due to their stick-figure like simplicity. Lowry once said "I am a simple man, and I use simple materials: ivory, black, vermilion (red), Prussian blue, yellow ochre, flake white and no medium. That's all I've ever used in my paintings. I like oils... I like a medium you can work into over a period of time". The palette of this show alongside the leanness of Bailey's cut turned his already slender mannequins into Lowry wraiths.

The below three images are my instant favourites. The only blemish being the beanies. For me they distort the overall look. I would have liked to have seen a more traditional choice of headwear.

The colour palette of the above outfit is going to be my choice of next season. if it wasn't for that beanie this would be perfect in my eyes.

The colour of this jacket makes me want to rush outside and play amongst my imaginary piles of crispy red and brown leaves.

This is probabaly my favourite, I like the mixture of textures here... is that a paisley scarf I spot there? The gloves are beautiful.

Before the end of this post I have to inform the world that I love this jumper. Not the look as a whole because of the accessories are a little off for me, but the jumper is something very special indeed! I want it!

The show certainly isn't revolutionary, there are calls that it looks like a number of previous collection, aw 05 and aw 06, but it does further demonstrate Bailey's talent. Yet again he has created a collection of beautiful, wearable pieces. What are your thoughts on this show? I certainly feel a little better because of it...

I loathe Lowry... and I can't say that I'm a fan of this lot either I'm afraid. While I like browns, this colour pallette is a little too... poo-y, for want of a more elegant word. The shapes aren't particularly exciting and the beanies are just incredibly annoying. Is number 3 wearing a binman's coat?


j said...

I agree, these are very nicely designed clothes. I also agree with your comment about the beanies, though I'm not opposed to beanies in concept, just not these, they don't do anything for the look.

Anonymous said...

Bailey is the most talented menswear designer out there right now in my eyes. This collection, I think, justifies my opinion!


Thomas said...

As interested as I am in fashion, textures still seem beyond me. The furthest I get is tweed with leather...and I'm guessing that's not really "textured" at all.

Sigh...such a poser.


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