Friday, 4 January 2008

No place like home

Until the last year or so I simply would not entertain the notion of buying a pair of coloured shoes, ie the shoes were either black (the preferred choice) or brown or white/cream (if they were trainers)...I was much more simple back then maybe.

Sparkle sparkle
I am beginning to find style inspiration from extremely unlikely sources and it seems that I'm not the only one. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz might be inspiration for a number of girls growing up (not pointing fingers but I'm sure EJ had a desire to be Judy Garland) but it seems her choice of red footwear which were bright red (thanks to the technicolour film that was used) has made me green with envy. You may recall that I liked the idea of wearing a pair of bright red formal shoes with a grey suit (as shown by Mjolk) and now I have seen the Facehunter pipping me to the post and wearing his patent red boots with a mocking nonchalance (but well, the best I've seen him turned out!) alongside very similar muted tones which I myself had in mind.

Why so glum, chum?
If you, like me and the Facehunter, have been inspired by those 1939 ruby slippers there are plenty of offerings to choose from; Swear currently have a reduced option (which is extremely low in stock) but I prefer another pair and these can be found at b store. Why not add some colour to your feet?

I will leave you with my favourite quote from the film uttered by the Wizard of Oz himself "Frightened? Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe... I was petrified."

EJ - Well surely if you're going to channel Dorothy then you need to get those red glitter shoes we saw in the window of Topman? I can't find them on their website, although these ones are tackilious. I never really wanted to be Dorothy... maybe the cowardly lion instead. (p.s. you are still the campest straight guy I know). But seriously, I love the red shoes. I wonder if the saying about girls who wear red shoes applies for men too?

Steve - Good Morning EJ. Those Red metallic lace ups are a little too metallic for me but they certainly are Dorothy alike and thanks for reminding me about those Topman ones, they were pretty awesome. I definitely think that if the old saying is indeed true then it is universal. In response to your little remark about my perceived campness...I am proud to be the campest straight guy you know, that is quite the accolade. I will call you later as it seems you have run out of credit....someone needs to get a contract! Happy Saturday everyone!


j said...

Well, I think I have said before in this blog that I have gotten the most compliments on my Puma "pungent purple" H Streets than any of my shoes. This flying in the face of Mick Jaggar's men's style advice to never wear colorful shoes...but that's so 20th century.

Pret a Porter P said...

I like the idea of red shoes. Especially in contrast with a grey suit.

Style Salvage Steve said...

J: I would like to explore this belief that a stylish man shouldn't wear colourful shoes further. I'm sure that if you spoke to 99% of people over 40 they wouldn't dream of wearing colourful shoes. I believe it to be a a modern and youthful style development. I think I prefer style in the 21st Century. I think colourful shoes can be used extremely well against a quiet outfit but I'm sure they could also work in an outfit of colour, why not.


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Anonymous said...

i personally love red shoes! red details are awesome...

but you know.. i think facehunter is working a little to hard, i love him, but he's looking like he needs some sleep.


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