Thursday, 24 January 2008

Disaffected youth at their snappiest

Fred Perry is becoming known for its limited edition collaborations with a plethora of designers and artists alike. The mod look outfitter has worked with one and all from David David (more on this later) to Peter Jenson to Jessica Ogden. I was fortunate enough to see a preview of the coming collections and I liked what I saw. Highlights included the Raf Simons collaboration (unsurprisingly) where Simons created 12 styles reworking Fred Perry classics, such as combining a heavy weight polo shirt with trousers from the Raf Simons archive! Away from the show certain parts of the crowd who were sporting Fred Perry really inspired me. The Fred Perry aesthetic is definitely one I want to explore more. The palette is frequently solid, clean combining graphics and monotone shades.

Despite a number of tempting collaboration pieces (no more so than the David David polo shirts) I've not bought any Fred Perry since approximately 1998 when I purchased a white polo shirt with navy detailing. The gents within the crowd certainly looked good and have inspired me to explore the Fred Perry store in Covent Garden next time I'm in the area. Slim ties were paired with micro check shirts and well tailored macs. The early 80s seemed to be a huge influence, the tennis bomber was worn as were the tailored macs which were every inch New Wave!

Unfortunately as always I didn't have my camera so you will have to do with these images!

This is a look that I want to wear to work.


Thomas said...

You've got to love the guy who has enough confidence to rock the bowlcut.

Unknown said...

Yes, yes and 100% yes. the Fred Perry/'This is England' redux look is UBERgood. Check shirts and a mod aesthetic. if only Fred Perry polos weren't SO expensive; the only nes I've got are £3 fakes from thailand...


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