Monday, 7 January 2008

Globe Trotting Dreams

It might have something to do with it being a cold, dull and bank balance hurting January (why is this month dragging already and it is on the 7th?) but I have dreams of escape. In addition to reading the Sunday travel supplements quite closely and exploring Expedia these dreams also mean I am looking quite enviously at beautiful luggage. In my daydreams of far away places I couldn't possibly travel with the dull and only just about practical suitcase that I have now. During a recent visit to Selfridges (during the pre January sale madness) the highlight for me was the luggage area, the smell and touch of the luxurious leather being a sensual almost carnal pleasure. Aside from the delights of departments stores (Liberty has a fine collection) I have recently become aware of Globe Trotter. After a trip to Laduree to buy presents in the form of delicious and ever so cute Macaroons, I went past the flagship store within the Burlington Arcade (too shy to venture in, but I did enjoy the slow walk past the window) which was designed by former Japanese rock star and celebrated architect Taisuke Higuchi and houses a complete collection of cases. These British classics have been around since 1897 and have been the choice of royalty and politicians. Unlike many other luxury luggage brands such as Louis Vuitton, you can practically get any colour you want and you still get the great construction that is obtained from being hand made. Shame about the extortionate price tag associated with such things but this is my dream after all...

Conran Globetrotter Case

There is a chance that I will be leaving Europe for the first time in my life as I look across the Atlantic and the prospect of New York where I can escape and take advantage of the exchange rate in early February...I'm quite excited...OK...very excited.


Pret a Porter P said...

u lucky european and your exchange rate ;)

i suggest check ebay, u can find cool vintage looking trunks and suitcases w/o the luxury price tag.

Style Salvage Steve said...

I was actually thinking about doing a follow up post about vintage luggage. I really like slightly worn dark leather and yes they are soooo much cheaper and have more personality than your avergae luxury brands offering.

j said...

Oh I envy those exchange rates!

I have found the best luggage for me is a canvas backpack that converts into a suitcase and is just small enough to pass as a carry-on piece...eminently practical...can be slept on, squashed, expanded, rolled up, and still presentable at most Inns.

Thomas said...

Having lugged crappy luggage all over New York last week, I can say that good luggage is at the top of my list...once I'm out of poverty.


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