Monday, 21 January 2008

The fruits of salvaging your wardrobe

As you have read from the post below, I have recently spent a couple of hours organising the chaotic mess of the various clothing storage systems that I had within my room after months of neglect and rather than just acquiring the improved aesthetics and practical advantages I have been reunited with some former wardrobe staples! The best example of this have to be a pair of Sisley (which as a store can be hit and miss depending on the seasons) trousers which were bought back in 2002 which are in perfect condition and fit extremely well. Why had I forgotten them? Simply because although they fit well now I must admit they did become a little tight around the waist which meant they were tossed to the darkest depth of my little wardrobe. I didn't throw them out because I liked them and maybe deep down in my heart I knew that I would wear them again.

Now that I have rediscovered them they have been given a second lease of life and in the process given me ample opportunity to wear a pair of b store shoes (pictured) that were acquired months ago but have spent most of their time displayed on my storage shelf. Please take courage from my story. Tackle, organise and hunt within your own wardrobe. I assure you that you will find something that can be worn again, at least with some modification. Let us know how you get on and good luck!
Oh my god, I remember these! Are they really as old as 2002? Well done Steve, but carry on looking... I'm sure there's more hidden away...
p.s. Nice shoes!


Pret a Porter P said...

nice trousers.
and on a side note i like that ring bell sign in the background.

when i went through my closet i realized i should hem to pair of jeans to be flat friendly so i would be able to get more wear out of them.

Fashion Networks said...

I like the way you write. Sometimes the best way to see fashion in a new light, is to re examine the wardrobe for things not worn/discarded rather than buying something new.

Good Post, I can imagine how it feels, going through similar predicaments.

Style Salvage Steve said...

EJ - I can confirm that I bought these in 2002. I remember the day well. It was during my love affair with Sisley, a love which has dwindled in recent years because it has confused itself with United Colours of Benetton.
I am going home this weekend so I will see what I can find inside my portal into Narnia...

Candid Cool - Thanks for your compliments. Alot of us neglect a number of items within our wardrobes that only require a little bit of care and attention to turn them into something wearable. Well done for being an exception.

Fashion Netwoks - I totally agree. Fashion doesn't necessarily equate consumerism. Of course we all get that release of endorphins when we walk away from the counter with packed shopping bag in hand but you can get a similar feeling from reinvention. I just wish I did that more!


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