Monday, 12 May 2008

Who wears short shorts?

The man above captured by Facehunter wears short shorts...and by the looks of it slippers. it may be warm outside but this picture is a warning to you all, make sure you leave the house with some stylish clothes on. I do like the hair though.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me, I very much like and wear short shorts. A man's upper leg is there to be seen. I think the guy looks great, masculine in his own way.
The only questionable aspect would perhaps be the ankle bracelet.

StyleSalvage said...

I am sorry but those shorts are indecent...It is one thing to wear shorts that reveal some thigh (if you have the legs to by all means show off the often unseen region above the knee) but these shorts look like hot pants and the untucked shirt would indeed be longer than the shorts and that just isn't right. The chap is certainly the picture of relaxed summer though.

Thomas said...

Completely and utterly terrible. Denim hot pants should only be seen on parade.

Anonymous said...

Okay, obviously this is a one way conversation. Although I personally do not own a pair of scissored jeans shorts I like the look of them.
I never understood shorts that end somewhere around the knee and clearly state man's insecurity about it's own body as well as it's inability to relax. As the chap in the photo may not be what I would wear to work he definitely expresses a genuine sense of personal liberty. Why would you bash somebody's look while he himself feels comfortable with it. My opinion is that clothing should provide and express (inner) comfort, that good styling brings out the best in ourselves, for ourselves. It is useless to try to look like someone we are not or hide what we genuinely are.

MARA said...

wow. that was one long post.
I agree with stylesavage though. These shorts are a tas too short, and by the way, what's with the "one way conversation"?
Just because someone doesn't agree and explains why, doesn't mean it's a monologue!
As for the very sweet ideas on "personal comfort" and let's all be nice and not criticize... sorry dude, but if blogs were meant only to compliment they would be ads.

WendyB said...

Eek. That's a little bit more naked than I'd care to see,off the beach.

Anonymous said...

i guess shorts should at least be covering till your knees.otherwise we can just wear boxers and walk about.!!


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