Friday, 11 July 2008

Not dead.

Just because I'm on Blog Lite (tm) mode at the moment, doesn't mean it's internet lite. I think I'm actually incapable of doing internet lite... Just to keep you entertained over this no doubt super rainy weekend, here's a taster of what I'm been reading about.

- How great is this guy? I found him on garance dore which is unfortunately in French too complicated for me to understand. I love his trousers, which to my eyes look like modern Charlie Chaplin (and a bit like everyone's trousers in Batman the Animated Series, but I've got that on the brain right now)... and check out the close up: round framed glasses, joy! Really love his hair too.

- This sort of links in with what I was saying about shoe lifts I guess... James Brown's estate is going up for sale. If you don't fancy the platform shoes, you can even get your mitts on his hair care products. For a full listing of lots, click here.

- There's been some serious comfort music going on at casa EJ which involves, among other things, copious amounts of Jeff Buckley. This includes watching the video to So Real and remembering that there's more to ties than just the skinny tie. Shocking, I know. I am more than a little obssessed with Jeff at the moment, so expect more on him in the near future.

- Here's something I never thought I'd write: maybe gladiator sandals on men COULD work. Darn you I Luw Fashion!

- Oh, and remember that Raf Simons/Fred Perry collaboration everyone was talking about? Daniel Jenkins (him again) has the first of it in stock. Don't expect it to stay in stock for long though.

- Fringed trainers: yay or nay?

We have made it to the weekend! Good to have you dip your toe in the blogging waters despite being in blog lite (tm) mode.

Why EJ, you have been addicted to the internet throughout the time I've known you (almost 6 years), in fact I would say that you weaned me on here aswell. I like the close up of the chap so much that I thought we had to include it here:

Ordinarily I'm not a fan of the sunglasses as neck accessory but the round rimmed glasses are awesome and there is so much going on there that you cant not like it. This shot also shows how well his jacket is cut and I'm liking how the proportions of the slim cut jacket are played upon by the loose, relaxed fit trouser. Good find.

I've been waiting for the Raf/Fred collection to become available for some time and demand is certainly going to be high (despite the substantial price as it is worth investing in). Originally I wanted the long sleeve polo but foolishly my impatient nature forced me to buy the on sale Alastair Kimm for Fred Perry long sleeved polo.

I'm not a fan of the fringed trainer and it's not only Gucci who are doing this right now. I just don't see the point in the fringing. Not for me.

PS - You have always been obsessed by Jeff Buckley and I'm amazed that he has featured so little on the blog. It is time for your obsession to be released into the public realm.

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Matthew Spade said...

i saw that guy on that blog the other day, i was frustrated that i couldn't read it too so i searched for the blog through google and you can click on a translated version.

problem solved!

happy blog lite


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