Friday, 30 October 2009

Boots for the rugged man

The Abington Hiker Boots.

With the winter season lurking around the next corner my mind frequently turns to boots. So the launch of Timberland's latest Abington collection is quite timely. I was fortunate enough to make it to the London launch at their Spitalfields store so could inspect the new designs up close. Last night saw me take my first steps inside a Timberland store and I liked what I found but the Abington collection was certainly one of the highlights.

The collection is aptly named because the brand was originally called The Abington Shoe Company way back when. It is made up of clean, modern classics inspired by the fields and factories of old. The collection, now in its third season, is inspired by traditional boots from a time when the land was rugged, the people were rugged, and the essentials they depended upon had to be as well. Now, I'm hardly the most rugged man out there and my daily activities don't require something quite as rugged as these but I can but dream. Even a Southern Fairy like me holds some romantic notions of exploring the great outdoors in boots like these. I have to confess that as I strolled around the store with the smell of leather filling my nostrils, I did feel that bit 'manlier.'

The Work Chukka - Clean, simple and lightweight design.

SS10 see the launch of three new silhouettes; the Work chukka, Foreman Boot and the Rugged Handsewn shoe. In each, premium materials including leathers from the Horween leather Company of America and the Charles F. Stead & Co Ltd of England, are crafted for warmer weather and the rigours of wear over time. As much as I liked the work chukka with it's clean, simple and lightweight design the real star of the offering is the Hiker...

The Hiker.

The Hiker is a classic hiking boot silhouette with hinged lace holes, a thick sole and high ankle support using the finest Horween leather and Vibram soles. Despite falling short in the required amount of typical 'manliness' needed to pull of these boots I can certainly get on board with their construction and finish. The collection is hand crafted from premium leathers and rich materials that reflect Timberland’s history of quality and craftsmanship.


Mat buckets said...

Wow guyssssss, I'm very impressed with this collection. Timberland have been stepping up their game for the past few seasons with their rugged chucka boots and now these. I totally love the hiker boots, and now I want them. Didyou happen to see how much they were?

Style Salvage Steve said...

Mat buckets: I agree, I really liked the recent Colrain Reissues collection. Apologies, I should have included that in the post really. Prices start at £160, I think the Hiker boots were £180.

Syed said...

The Hiker and those last ones are so incredibly beautiful. I always try to convince myself that commuting in London during Winter requires just as much preparation as exploring the wilderness, so boots are definitely a prerequisite. And I am so glad that I now no longer associate Timberland with those rapper/builder boots, they are definitely heading in a better direction.

Hope you're having a wonderful Halloween.

Blank Label said...

bit expensive for boots (well for us because the price is in Pound).

but they do look like awesome boots.
the hi-cut ones would go great for the harsh winter seasons. im not much of an outdoorsman, so i can't fully appreciate how sturdy they might be. but i give them an A for style

Rod Raise said...

I'm in love with this Blog!
"Style Salvage" its exactly the reunion of all I was searching!
ooh man! I want the hiker!!
this things you can't find in Brazil!
so I need to make all my self!


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