Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Kimmel's (not Beechams) all in one

In recent weeks my blog posts have dedicated themselves to rejoicing in the joys of Autumn. I was seduced by the layering opportunities afforded by that playful chill in the air. Momentarily dazed by the harvest of colour all around. My interest peaked at the sound of crunching leaves in a new pair of shoes. As wonderful as the warm autumnal hues and all that come with them are, there are of course many negatives which come with this season. The choruses of kumbaya have now come to an abrupt end on the turntable of my mind and an all round darker record has been placed under the needles blasting out a symphony of moans and groans accompanied by a percussion of sneezes and wheezes. Oh woe is me. How could I forget that this season brings so much ill health. If you've not been struck down with some variant yourself, no doubt you are sitting near someone who is more akin to a beige sock filled with mucus than a human being (or at the very least a chap struck down with a red, wet nose who is eager to to remind you of their fate). There have been times over the last few days which I've felt truly terrible and I've spent the entire day in bed today feeling more than a little sorry for myself. Sick of lying and sleeping but still feeling awful I decided to flick through issues of my favourite old magazines. Practically, a member of the living dead my mind was not ready to tackle the latest issues of Monocle, Man About Town or Let The Eat Cake which are crying out to be read, so I turned to familiar paper friends which my eyes have glanced over time and time again...

A Fantastic Man. Adam Kimmel wears a black cotton unijohn with horn buttons from his AW09.

The first dose of magazine medicine was Issue Six of Fantastic Man. I have to confess that I began to feel a little better as I flicked through the piece on stunning architect Rem Koolhaas and the classic cuts for today's gentleman feature but it was the interview with Adam Kimmel along with the accompanying spread of images which forced me to leave my soft prison to post. In all but one of the images shot by Alexei Hay, the no nonsense designer is modelling creations from his AW07 collection. Alongside an appropriation of workwear fabrics and textures, the all in one soon became a trademark look for Kimmel and it was here again in his working man meets post-Beat art star collection. Kimmel's clothing is defiantly masculine and inspired by the past and present macho artists of New York. It is the sight of kimmel's unijohn which prodded my to brain and forced me to type this post. The unijohn becomes surprisingly appealing in my current state of health. My current sartorial situation does not paint a pretty picture. Having been reminded of the Adam Kimmel spread on those monochrome pages of my favourite style journal, my striped pj bottoms from Marks & Spencers combined with an overwashed off white t shirt just don't cut it anymore....in fact when should they ever have? No, my friends...I need a unijohn. For those unfamiliar with Kimmel's reworking of a classic, it resembles something between a pair of long johns and an oversized romper suit, all realised in the softest cashmere.

Adam wearing a grey vintage unijohn by faith and then wearing a sports blue cotton jersey unijohn from his aw07 line.

Kimmel's all in one certainly leaves a better taste in my mounth than the Beechams all in one I am forcing down my throat...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to sit around all day in my long johns.

Lara Natascha said...

your blog is great!
realy cool!


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