Tuesday, 8 June 2010

In discussion: Style Advice

Both of us have always enjoyed reading about how men think about clothes. Some of our earliest men's magazine memories involve flicking through issues of GQ and stopping at the Style Shrink pages and peering in to a world of correct tie knots and cuff lengths. It has always been clear that a number of men think about the so called rules and regulations of menswear far too obsessively. Neither of us take too much notice of rules because they infuriate us a little too much. We always suggest wearing what feels comfortable and what is right for the individual and what you love. Ultimately, some rules are there to be understood, a few tweaked and others completely forgotten. For the month of June we are keen on hearing about the best style advice you have ever received, given or heard. To launch the new topic we have three of our favourite men's fashion talents and personalities in Tim Soar , Matthew Murphy and Carolyn Massey airing their views in the discussion...


What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received, given or heard?


Tim Soar, menswear designer

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man with a clear and objective understanding of his own style must want for little else."
Not really advice, it is merely a truism. To follow fashion, without understanding how and where it intersects with your own personal style, is to take a stroll down the road to ridicule and madness.


Matthew Murphy, owner/buyer/designer at b Store.

Unfortunately because of our profession we are normally asked to give style advice rather than receive it... in our opinion the best advice to give anyone concerning their own style is 'be yourself', don't be lead by trends or influenced by opinions of others, a TRUE personal sense of style is obvious to recognise.


Carolyn Massey, Menswear Designer

I think 'style advice' can often be about rules and regulations of menswear- whereas fashion isn't really about this, it's about creating something unique and personal. I'm very interested in the emotional aspect of dressing so, on this note, I think my advice would be not to wear anything that doesn't feel right- you have to be comfortable in your own skin first, but then you also have to be (emotionally if not physically) comfortable in what you are wearing.


So, here we have three of the leading men's fashion talents and personalities in virtual agreement. Never before have we seen such a consensus on the blog. Each of these submissions highlight the importance of discovering your own personal style and staying true to it in whatever you wear. Today we are all bombarded with images of the latest product releases, catwalk shots, look books from around the globe and the purchases of others throughout the blogsophere and beyond but if you cannot understand how any of it works with your own style then it is best left alone...unless of course you want to stroll down the road to ridicule. What is the best piece of style advice you have ever received, given or heard?


Matthew Spade said...

love this post, it's great to hear what everyone has to say and i'm sure some personal mantras will follow.

i'm a bit stumped on this one as i'm never really been given any style advice, i never really had a male role model. the be yourself thing seems to be the big one and your hear that for men more so than womens fashion, as a lot more ladies seemed to get bogged down with trends more.

so i will use this post to gain advice more than give it.

a couple of things i always do do though:

bottom button on jackets are always left undone.
don't be afraid of hats.
you don't need a special occasion to dress up

Mike said...

I seriously dislike 'style advice' or confines that you have always adhere to. I agree with Carolyn and what she says echoes what many, many designers have previously said. It's about comfort and through this, bring ease and self-confidence. It's not about you can't do this, you can't do that. Isn't style meant to conjure individuality? Which ever way you dress, if you believe the approach of your clothes and the way that's done, you shouldn't be dictated by anyone else of how you dress. British fashion has in its history been dictated by a code of fashion and it needs to let go of itself considering Northern European designers express fluidity.

And do the second button on your blazer if you want to. Otherwise, why have it all.

That's Not My Age said...

Hi Mr Style Salvage - lovely to meet you last night. Great blog but I think the fox needs a more prominent position!


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